Friday, January 27, 2012

Links Working Again

Our links are finally working again, and we will soon be adding to our blog content.

iPads are now in the hands of students at all three SIG schools! We've had a successful student iPad deployment!

Full student implementation is underway at St. John's. We are waiting to work out some network and syncing issues before we can move forward with full implementation at Stall and Burke. But that is coming very soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 1: SIG Student iPad Deployment

Stall High School students are the first in CCSD to receive their take-home iPads! 

All students receiving take-home iPads at the CCSD SIG schools MUST attend an iPad Pickup and Orientation session with their parents to get their iPads. We have conducted 8 sessions at Stall this past week, and have 2 more to go next week.

What to expect at the iPad Pickup and Orientation Session:
  • Attend an orientation session on iPads and the the iPad Usage Agreement
  • Sign and turn in the Student and Parent iPad Usage Pledge
  • Pay the $20 usage fee
  • Pick up your assigned iPad

St. John's High School iPad pickup sessions will be conducted next week, and Burke Middle High School the following week.

Students who don't attend one of these sessions will begin using iPads in school 2nd semester, but will not have take home privileges. 

Full iPad implementation will begin at Stall the first week of the 2nd semester. Students are encouraged to bring their iPads to school before that week.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is Challenge Based Learning?

Challenge Based Learning considers learning styles of high school students and leverages new technologies that allow authentic learning to take place through a process that challenges students to solve problems and make a difference.

Collaborative and hands-on, students work with peers, teachers, and experts in their communities and around the world, posing thoughtful questions, developing deeper subject area knowledge, accepting and solving challenges, taking action, and sharing their experience.

Following a workflow that mirrors the 21st century workplace, students are given space to be creative and self-directed, and are provided with support, boundaries, and checkpoints to avoid frustration. The workflow can be structured and modified in a variety of ways.


Apple PD for iPad Trainers this Week!

November 15-18 - Calhoun Street

November 15: Challenge Based Learning
SIG iPad Trainers - Group 1

November 16: Challenge Based Learning
SIG iPad Trainers - Group 2

November 17-18: Content-Focused on the iPad
Classroom Modernization iPad Trainers

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SC Ed Tech Conference This Week

Several team members from both our CCSD Classroom Modernization project and the CCSD SIG project will be presenting at the South Carolina Ed Tech Conference in Myrtle Beach on Wednesday, 10/26 and Thursday, 10/27. Be sure to catch one of these iPad sessions geared for teachers:
Click here for files from our conference presentations. Please note: presentations files are in SMART Notebook, to open these files without this software use SMART Notebook Express.